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NGO where 20 Life Esidimeni patients died was allegedly not properly licensed

Cross-examination in the Life Esidimeni tragedy inquest continued on Wednesday with former Gauteng Health Department official Hannah Jacobus.

Jacobus, the sixth witness, oversaw the disastrous relocation of more than 100 psychiatric patients to illegal facilities in 2016.

Advocate Adila Hassim, representing activist group Section 27, questioned Jacobus about the licensing of at least two NGOs involved in the tragedy.

More than 20 mentally ill patients died at NGO Precious Angels in Pretoria, a site that was not licensed.

Jacobus said the organization was not licensed to care for adult patients, but for children with intellectual disabilities.

Hassim asked Jacobus about whether the facilities met the basic care requirements.

They went on to discuss some of the contents of a report on NGO support visits, which details how patients were placed in beds for children, that there was one toilet, overcrowding and uncleanliness were apparent, and there was a lack of adequate safety and security.

Jacobus has admitted conditions were not appropriate.


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