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Level 3 lockdown: Here is what’s allowed from June 1 and what isn’t

President Cyril Ramaphosa

President Cyril Ramaphosa‘s announcement of the move to level 3 lockdown on June 1 brings with it the opening of most sectors of the economy as well as the relaxation of a number of regulations which governed the movement of individuals under levels 4 and 5.
In his address on Sunday night, Ramaphosa apologised to the nation for the restrictive measures that government had put in place from the start of the national lockdown on April 23, but stressed that the measures were necessary in order to prepare the country’s health systems and slow the spread of the virus.

President Cyril Ramaphosa

“I am sorry that these measures imposed great hardship on you – restricting your right to move freely, to work and eke out a livelihood,” he said. As a result of the measures we imposed – and the sacrifices you made – we have managed to slow the rate of infection and prevent our health facilities from being overwhelmed.

Ramaphosa announced the opening of a number of industries which will help stimulate South Africa’s ailing economy, but some businesses where social distancing might not be practical will remain closed for now.

Here’s a look at you can expect come June 1:


* Restaurants may open for delivery, takeaway and drive-through only.

* The retail and wholesale sector opens up in full for goods not prohibited under level 3.

* The curfew will be lifted, allowing people to leave their homes at any time to procure essential services and goods.

* You will be able to exercise at any time of day, provided that you do not do so in groups.

* Domestic air travel is permitted, as long as it is for the purpose of business.

* Meetings at work are allowed, as long as physical distancing protocols are observed.

* The restrictions on types of clothing available for purchase will be lifted.

* You will be able to shop for all types of household appliances.

* The sale of alcohol will be allowed, but only for consumption at home.


* The sale of cigarettes, tobacco and vaping products and e-cigarettes is prohibited.

* You are not permitted to be out in public without a mask.

* Interprovincial travel is not allowed.

* Hair and nail salons are not allowed to open.

* Gyms and fitness centres are not allowed to operate.

* All social gatherings remain prohibited, except for funerals which are capped at 50 people.

While religious gatherings remain prohibited, Ramaphosa said that he is continuing consultations with the interfaith religious community on their proposals for the partial opening of spiritual worship and counselling services.

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