Home Entertainment LeAnne Dlamini’s daughter Zaya-Rose shows off her cool dance moves

LeAnne Dlamini’s daughter Zaya-Rose shows off her cool dance moves

LeAnne Dlamini’s daughter

It looks like LeAnne Dlamini’s daughters, Zani-Lee and Zaya-Rose, will be following in her footsteps. The singer took to Instagram to share a video of her younger daughter, Zaya-Rose, dancing to Drake’s hit song, In My Feelings (also known as Kiki Do You Love Me?). Zaya-Rose shot the video herself.#FeelGoodFriday courtesy of Zaya Rose! Make it a good one family,” LeAnne captioned the video.

The I Cry hitmaker’s older daughter Zani-Lee is also comfortable in front of the camera.
Zani-Lee has been dubbed the future Miss South Africa after sharing her hopes and dreams in a video posted on LeAnne’s Instagram page.

LeAnne Dlamini’s daughter

“My hope is that when I am older, I can work for the MI6 and I would definitely love to travel the world with my friends and my family. I would also hope that there is no violence against women and children in this country and all the others,” the 10-year-old said.

Zani-Lee has her own YouTube channel where she shares videos of her family travels, her nighttime routine and birthday hauls.

LeAnne, Zaya and Zani Dlamini

LeAnne’s daughters clearly are destined for stardom and have no doubt been inspired by their famous mom. They have also helped shape the woman she is today.

“My daughters have also definitely influenced my life. They’ve made me a more patient and tolerable woman and my drive to be successful definitely comes from my daughters. I want them to look at me one day and say, ‘If mommy can do it, I can do it’!” she told Women Boss Society in an interview.

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