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Latest pictures of Samkelo Ndlovu that you will love

Samkelo Ndlovu

Latest pictures of Samkelo Ndlovu that you will love. She has always liked to stay healthy and keep a fit and strong body. She continues to inspire us to stay healthy. The Rhythm City actress is also a beautiful and strong mother.

Smakelo loves her job very much, she recently shared a very sweet message about how much she enjoys working as one of the cast members of the Etv popular drama series Rhythm City.

The actress plays the role of Lerato who is currently in a tricky situation that is so exciting to watch. We all want to know how she will come out of the situation. For you to know more about her watch Rhythm City on Et.v every weekday at 19:00 hrs.

Samkelo Ndlovu

…for selfies sake 😘🎈

Samkelo Ndlovu

Don’t ever play yourself and leave the gym without stretching.

Samkelo Ndlovu

It’s Phuza, and in the spirit of waiting for this work day to end so one can get a cocktail

Samkelo Ndlovu

Started my 90 day squat challenge about 17 days ago and I walk like a crab now. I’m always almost falling😅 will post before and after pics at the end of the challenge in September 👏🏾 #GetFitOrDieTrying#HealthyBodyHealthyMin

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