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More pictures of Lady Zamar’s new look

More pictures of Lady Zamar’s new look. During her recent interview on Metro FM, the singer opened up about her future ventures, saying that she was working on switching up her look.

Lady Zamar has been striding in the music industry since she first made her debut a couple of years ago, but as she continues to grow her brand, her image has made headlines on various occasions for the wrong reasons, and she’s open to change.

“I don’t think that it’s something that people should concentrate too much on but I do promise to always look good this time around…” she said. We’ve always known Lady Zamar with dreadlocks but it seems that she is ready to rebrand herself.

She also addressed the news that once made rounds on social media after BET award winner Sjava said he wished that he had dated her. The Love Is Blind hitmaker revealed in a recent interview on Metro FM that she had pulled back plans of launching a clothing line after she was trolled for her choice of style at this year’s Miss South Africa pageant.

Lady Zamar is undoubtedly one of the most talented vocalists we have in Mzansi, she’s been dubbed by fans as the new queen of house music after releasing hit after hit. The musicians love life and wardrobe choice have however made headlines recently and she’s now opened up to clear the air.

“I don’t think that it’s something that people should concentrate too much on but I do promise to always look good this time around…I’m gonna wear what I want to wear, like now, I decided to go into some African vibes…I’ve actually got something coming up in the pipelines, I was gonna release a clothing line but with all this debacle with the clothing, I realized it’s too much stress, so I’m going towards a different route” she said

following close sources disclosing to Drum that the singer was indeed dating Sjava, Lady Zamar hesitated to clarify the speculations, when Masechaba Ndlovu asked her to confirm, she responded saying:

“I ain’t gon’ say nothing, we know each other, we’ve done a song together…genuinely that’s as far as I can…I don’t know what else to say…I did read somewhere that apparently, he expressed that he would like to date me, so that was an interesting insight…”

But back to our story here is what she is now looking like. Taking to social media, the singer showcased her new look, pictures below and make sure to CLICK NEXT TO SEE MORE PICTURES

Lady Zamar’ds new look
Lady Zamar

New hair lookLady Zamar

Are you feeling it?Lady Zamar

Body goals to die forLady Zamar

That smile
Lady Zamar

Black hairLady Zamar

New hair new looksLady Zamar

Hello thereLady Zamar

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