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Twitter applauds Kwaito’s last night reaction #SkeemSaam

While Skeem Saam viewers were focusing on how the writers had something against Leshole (played by Thabo Mkhabela), they forgot that Kwaito (played by Clement Maosa) used to be the one with bad luck. But it seems the writers have decided to remind them.

It looks like Kwaito’s bad luck has returned and the turn of events has seen viewers wake up to the immense talent of Clement Maosa on Skeem Saam.

Kwaito’s life seemed to be going well for a while, but in the last few weeks his storyline has gone from bad to worse and last night reached the ultimate worst status.

He has now lost his mind and the performance delivered by Clement left Twitter ready to award an Oscar to the actor.



While there’s no denying Clement did a good job in those scenes, Twitter is equally worried about Kwaito. Other’s think the strange man applied some “black magic” on Kwaito.




In case you missed it or are not a regular follower but want to see if tweeps have their eyes on the ball, watch the video below:


Source: Times Live