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Khayelitsha man violently removed from his shack while [email protected] removed clothes to avoid eviction – Mayor

Naked man arrested

The Mayor of Cape Town Dan Plato said Khayelitsha man Bulelani Qholani who was violently removed from his shack while [email protected] removed clothes to avoid an eviction.

The regrettable incident happened on Wednesday when the City of Cape Town Metro Police pounced on Khayelitsha settlement to evict people.

Speaking to eNCA new anchor Sally Burdett, Cape Town Mayor Dan Plato says almost all illegal settlers use the [email protected] tactics to avoid being evicted. He claims that the man (Bulelani Qholani) was dressed up before the metro police moved into his shack.

Sally Burdett: “What did you think the first time you saw that video?”

“We don’t condone the fact that the person was naked and that he was dragged out
of his shack…” – Plato

He adds that moments before the metro officials moved into the
shack, the man had his clothes on.

It is common that in many of the raids, many of the structures that are illegal and
that need to be broken down, that people stand in front of the structure [email protected] It is
not the first incident and I believe it will not be the last incident…” Plato continued

“Look, our officers, they act under the utmost difficult of circumstances. And
may be under these circumstances as well, they had to make split decisions.”
“I think what prompted the officers to act in that manner was…they did pick that the
man was roaming around on the side of the shack, with his clothes on and
eventually he was [email protected]

Sally says it’s clear Dan has spoken to the police as he claims this is a common tactic. She asks if he had spoken to Bulelani Qholani.

“That is the role of the investigators, it’s not my role. I think let’s allow the
investigators to do what they have to do…” – Plato

Cape Town Eviction was staged: Mayor Dan Plato
Plato says he didn’t speak to the cops involved, but what he said earlier is what he saw in the video.

“The fact of the matter is that … I am of the opinion that to some extent it was a
staged act. I think it was to some extent deliberately done to put the City of Cape
Town in a very, very bad light…

Sally Burdett : Are you suggesting that he is doing this to make you look bad?

Dan Plato : Absolutely!!

Sally Burdett: This is a man who identifies himself as a Christian man…

People would say anything when they are on TV.
He says the City of CT in-house videos show a crime (or kind) of a different picture.
He condemns the dragging of the man out of his shack, while naked. – Plato

Asked about Bulelani Qholani’s whereabouts tonight

“I don’t know where he is tonight. May be at his place, may be at his other house.
May be that structure was not his structure. My take is, that structure was not his
structure.” – Plato

The ANC and EFF in the Western Cape have laid a case of crimen injuria, against the City of Cape Town senior city officials and law enforcement officers.

To date, the City of Cape Town has red the Metro Police officers involved in the eviction squabbles