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Katlego Mamabolo who was dumped by TV presenter Malaika threatens to leak N#de Pictures

Katlego Mamabolo and Malaika Mahlatsi, AKA Malaika wa Azania

Malaika wa Azania has become the talk of the town as she has been involved in a messy split with Katlego Mamabolo. Mamabolo has threatened to post Malaika’s n#de pictures.

When he sent her a mother’s day message, she said it finally appeared that Mamabolo had accepted she had moved on. This, however, turned out to be short-lived, since she claims he then again asked for another chance with her and, when she again refused, she claimed he took to issuing threats, including that her new boyfriend would be “sorted”.

“He proceeded to send me WhatsApp messages informing me that he would destroy me because I had destroyed him.”

Mahlatsi claimed she advised him to reflect on his actions since he was the founder of a private prosecutions organisation that seeks to provide legal assistance to the victims of gender-based violence. He allegedly told her he did not fear losing his company as losing her had been “the ultimate tragedy in his life and little else mattered”.

Mamabolo then posted pictures on Facebook of their private text conversations and her holding “s.e.xual handcuffs – clothed”.

She said the photo was from when she had been flirting with him and telling him she wanted to use them on him. “This is nothing untoward as adults do engage in such activities,” she added.

Katlego Mamabolo and Malaika Mahlatsi, AKA Malaika wa Azania

What really disturbed her though was Mamabolo’s allegation against her and “the person of my boss”, the Ekurhuleni mayor, Masina.

She responded that she was indeed employed in the mayor’s office as a speechwriter and the mayor was indeed working on his PhD. She has been studying towards a master’s degree and another postgraduate degree.

She said the mayor had done nothing untoward by sending her a chapter of his thesis and asking for her opinion on it. This had been done only with the intention for her to review it and give her opinion, as well as providing input on “grammatical and syntax issues”.

Mamabolo must have come across the chapter on her laptop, she said, because he was apparently using the device repeatedly to watch Netflix while living with her.

“He might have seen this chapter on my computer and made the assumption that I was writing it when in fact I was merely reviewing it and making commentary.”

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