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Pearl Thusi Talks Queen Sono Season 2

Pearl Thusi

Mzansi superstar Pearl Thusi is still riding on her ‘Queen Sono‘ success. The Netflix original released last month performed very well, becoming the top show in many African countries including South Africa and Kenya. The reviews and ratings were not exactly great, but as long as the audience watch in their numbers, that has never prevented Netflix from renewing shows.

Pearl Thusi

Pearl hopes the numbers will be on their side this time, and she is promising to let us know the moment a second season is greenlit. Writing on Twitter, Pearl revealed that the show is still doing well across markets, better than expected actually.

Pearl Thusi

“Hi everyone! Thank you for all the incredible support! The show is still doing very well! Better than expected !!! I’m so proud ! I promise to let you know as soon as we know whether there’ll be a second season ! We love you!

The spy thriller follows Queen Sono (Pearl Thusi) around Africa as she engages in espionage acts. It is the first African original on the streaming service.

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