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Did Kanye West just throw a shade at Drake?

We thought the Drake and Kanye beef was left in the fridge, clearly marked “2018 drama, do not open”, but it seems someone forgot to give ‘Ye the message. Two years after their feud split hip-hop, Kanye West has seemingly taken shots at his old rival on a leaked track.

It all appears to have been sparked by an interview Drake did on Rap Radar in December, in which he said he respected Kanye, but things between them were a bit strained.

On an unreleased track which surfaced recently, Kanye seemed to snub Drake, even dropping his location.

“He funny though. He gonna move the No. 1 rapper four blocks down the street from me. You funny, God.”

Later in the song, Kanye recalled a time when he saw a Drake lookalike and wanted to confront him.

“I seen a tall light-skin dude with a beard and sh*t. I said, ‘That looks like Drake right there’. But he was, like, on a skateboard. I said, ‘I know that ain’t gonna be Drake on a skateboard’. I was, like, ‘Man, I’m going go talk to him right now’. So I pulled and turned the car around.”

Kanye took the world by surprise in December 2018 when, on social media, he snitched on Drake and warned him not to run upon him.


After several months of back-and-forths, Kanye warmed his Twitter fingers in a nearly five-hour rant about Drake allegedly threatening him, using the wrong emojis and making fun of people with mental illness.

The matter was resolved when Drake picked up the phone to talk to ‘Ye.

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