Home Entertainment This Photoshopped pic of Mihlali and Drake is celeb crush goals

This Photoshopped pic of Mihlali and Drake is celeb crush goals


This Photoshopped Photo Of Mihlali And Drake Is Celeb Crush Goals! Mihlali Ndamase has a lot of people crushing on her but her own eyes are set internationally.

Mihlali Ndamase

The beauty has never shied away from how much she crushes on rapper Drake and if we’re being honest, we can see it happening between the two. After news broke that Drake might be headed to South Africa, black twitter was waiting for Mihlali’s reaction and she didn’t disappoint.

Mihlali Ndamase

“Currently in a meeting, I’ll confirm with baby @Drake when I get home y’all,” Mihlali jokingly tweeted. It didn’t take time until a fan photoshopped Mihlali next to Drake both in Xhosa wear. Mihlali shared the photo with a cheeky caption “tb to our wedding.

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