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Kairo shows off her DJ skills: She takes after her mom DJ Zinhle

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DJ Zinhle shared a short video of her cute and sassy daughter, Kairo Forbes, tapping into her mom’s DJ skills on Twitter. Kairo really has some hidden talents.
Looks like Kairo Forbes is definitely musically-inclined and that’s no surprise as both her parents are popular artists.

DJ Zinhle

But Kairo is leaning more towards her mom’s skills of deejaying and playing house music. She could be one of the biggest, yet youngest deejays around. Step aside Arch Junior, Kairo has more flow.DJ Zinhle

Kairo’s mom, DJ Zinhle, shared a video of her daughter on the turntables and dancing to the music, just like mom. Zinhle cheered a daughter on who was really into the vibes.


DJ Zinhle’s tweet was a hit with 9.6k likes, 1.2k retweets and 174 comments since it was shared. But could Kairo dad’s, AKA, have felt a tad jealous? Check out his response to DJ Zinhle below:


Other followers loved Kairo’s set as a DJ and commented how cool she looked. Take a look below at some of the comments:




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