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Julius Malema speaks at EFF birthday rally

Julius Malema

The Economic Freedom Fighters commemorated their seventh anniversary on Sunday. The party’s leader Julius Malema addressed supporters remotely at the 7th Anniversary Rally. Malema gave an impassioned address on the origins and ethos of the party, which was established in 2013.

“Born as a response to the inhumane conditions confronting African people, our movement is no longer a baby but a force to be reckoned with that has shape the politics of the country and the continent.

His speech included criticism of the ANC’s governance in post-apartheid South Africa, colonialism, and reiterated the party’s values and goals. Colonialists resolved that we are less than human because of the color of our skin and the different ways in which we organise our society.

“It is for this reason why we were enslaved, and our land violently taken from us, by a civilization that thought it could decide who is human and who is not. Today that legacy of arrogance haunts us, in our workplaces, in our streets and in the character.”
We reject the idea that Black people are incapable of determining their own destiny and running their own affairs.

Julius Malema

“Our commitment remains unshaken, as a political party which is styled as a protest movement we continue to carry the hopes and aspirations of the forgotten masses of our people.We want our land back, we want our economy back and we want to be allowed to decide the fate of Africa, on our own terms without any imperialist supervision.”

Malema repeated the EFF’s goals including expropriation of land without compensation for equal redistribution; nationalisation of strategic sectors of the economy; free healthcare, education, and housing, and protected industrial development.

Malema also said the party intends to build a pan-continental movement aimed at uniting African people. The EFF must launch the Women’s Command before the Third National People’s Assembly,” he said.

Malema stated the EFF will introduce legislation in parliament for the introduction of a special inspectorate in the Department of Labour to improve gender equality in the workplace.

Malema spoke on the challenges of COVID-19 and had harsh words for President Cyril Ramaphosa and Cabinet’s decision to postpone the opening of schools. The opposition leader said poor school children will be most disadvantaged by the delay.

“Most painfully, the apartheid character of our schooling system is exposed, as Private schools which have had the advantage of digital learning will continue to not be affected.The consequences of this are that the privileged will continue to have an advantage in entering institutions of higher learning and the job market. The rich will continue to be educated and while the poor will succumb to substance abuse and neglect.

Malema had a sobering message regarding the COVID-19 pandemic saying, “we wish to caution the country not to be hypnotized by Ramaphosa’s claims that South Africa has one of the world’s lowest mortality rates as a result of COVID-19. The South African Medical Research Council has reported a 59% increase in mortalities recorded as natural deaths in South Africa during this period, a substantial increase compared to historical.

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