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Julius Malema blames ANC for SA’s COVID-19 deaths, wants victims’ families to do same

Julius Malema

Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) leader Julius Malema is laying the blame for COVID-19 deaths on the African National Congress (ANC) government and said that relatives who’d lost loved ones should do the same.

Malema said that he’d heard stories from healthcare professionals who’d incurred the wrath of those who accused them of not doing enough to save lives.

The EFF leader said that the government could not even hide behind apartheid when it came to the current state of the country.

Always a straight talker, Malema blasted President Cyril Ramaphosa’s government, saying that it had failed to prepare the healthcare system for the pandemic.

Malema has called on the country to take a stand and defend healthcare workers when they come under attack.

He said that anger should be directed towards the government.

“This mess of lack of beds and lack of hospitals, it was not made by doctors and nurses, it was made by Cyril Ramaphos and the ANC government.”

Malema has also called for the measure limiting funeral attendants to 50 to be further reduced to 20.

He said that people were accepting that these are dangerous times.

“If you still want to perform rituals, you’ll die. So no ritual, no viewing of the body. We are in a war.”

The EFF leader has once again proposed postponing the local government elections and the reopening of schools.

He’s also slammed the government’s decision to close land borders.


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