Jub Jub

Jub Jub has been dropping some bombs and on Monday the singer revealed that he revealed that he had an announcement scheduled for “tomorrow afternoon” i.e. Tuesday.

It is now Thursday and South Africans are still waiting for the scoop. The presenter has been hosting one of the hottest shows, Uyajola 9/9, which sees the presenter mediating the affairs of cheating partners.

Jub Jub is winning over many people even though others aren’t for it. This week he took to social media to say that he had a big announcement

Jub Jub

In fact, it all sounded quite serious when the Ndikhokhele singer took to social media to declare that he had something “serious” to get off his chest.

Jub Jub, who has teased announcements before, took to his Twitter page and said in a video:

He said, “I wanna thank you guys from the bottom of my heart. I thank you for your love, I thank you for the support.”


Jub Jub

Before taking a more serious tone by saying, “I would not have been here if it wasn’t for you guys. I would not have been able to bring out such beautiful content if it wasn’t for you guys and the love and support. However, tomorrow I have a big announcement to make just to my fans. You guys deserve to know, so I’ll speak to you guys tomorrow afternoon,” he added.

The star looked and sounded quite emotional, he seemed to be holding tears back. It led much thinking that he might be announcing his departure from his Moja Love show.

Watch the emotional video below:

Jub Jub has gotten people so confused and anxious about what he is planning on saying. Many have been tweeting that he will be leaving the show, but could that be it?

What’s made the tension even worse is the fact that Jub Jub is retweeting all of these tweets from users who are curious as to what he could be announced, but he’s keeping his lips tightly shut.

All one can do is wonder whether or not he will be leaving the show. What do you think he will say?

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