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Some Johannesburg areas without water

Water is in short supply in the suburbs of Brixton, Hursthill, and Crosby.

Johannesburg Water says a below-average inflow of water into the system has left reservoirs and towers at low levels.

It blames Rand Water for throttling the area.

“There are still roaming water tankers assigned as we are busy trying to resolve the matter,” Johannesburg Water said.

Source: eNCA

In other news – #RIPMjokes: Trompies member Emmanuel Matsane (Mjokes) dies in a car accident

Trompies member Emmanuel Matsane, popularly known as Mjokes, has died.

Emmanuel Matsane (Mjokes)

The talented musician, who was part of the iconic kwaito group known for their hit song Sweety Lavo and a director at the record label Kalawa Jazmee, died in a car accident. His death was announced by Kalawa Jazmee through a statement. Learn More