Jacaranda FM celebrates Mzansi’s Fearless Women

Jacaranda FM celebrates Mzansi’s Fearless Women. Femininity is what makes you strong, it’s what makes you a fearless woman. Popular radio station Jacaranda FM and health supplement Chela-Fer held the business breakfast to celebrate some of South Africa’s most fearless women in various fields across the boards, with the main theme of the even being: “Fear less, woman!”

Those are the words of group marketing director of Ascendis Health, Juliet Morrison, when speaking at the first of many women’s business breakfast.

Hosted by Jacaranda FM’s Elana Afrika-Bredenkamp and Rozanne McKenzie, the guests being celebrated at the breakfast included Zelda la Grange, Jo-Ann Strauss, Letshego Zulu, Dr Rolene Strauss and Amy Kleinhans-Curd – along with a capacity crowd of four hundred women from all walks of life.

Letshego Zulu

Honoured guest Letshego Zulu spoke about the acknowledgement of fear and the challenges that come with trying to let it go.

“Fear is something that I have faced and communicated with but tried to overcome. Two of those fears included speaking about my husband without getting emotional, and the other fear was climbing the nine peaks across South Africa”, Zulu said.

Letshego Zulu added that some of the ways in which she overcame the feeling of fear were to acknowledge the feeling but to be fearless in one’s daily pursuits.

Other honoured guest and successful author Zelda Le Grange also spoke about her fear of being the assistant to one of South Africa’s former presidents – the late Nelson Mandela.

Le Grange pointed out that despite having the major fear of disappointing Nelson Mandela, she overcame that fear when she realised that she had nothing to fear about the country’s first democratic president.

Author Zelda Le Grange

Le Grange added that “Mandela told the president of China that ‘if you were going to represent the people of South Africa, you had to include everyone, even those who oppressed you’. That was when I stopped being in fear of the man and started to admire him”.

The breakfast continued with a panel discussion between former Miss South Africa pageant queens, Jo-Ann Strauss, Dr Rolene Strauss and Amy Kleinhans-Curd.

Each former beauty queen relayed their stories of being Miss South Africa, as well as the life lessons they learned in accordance with the theme of being fearless. It was Jo-Ann Strauss who then coined the term: “Fear less, woman”.

Jo-Ann StraussGeneral Manager of Jacaranda FM Kevin Fine had said that he hoped to have many more of these breakfasts happening both in Johannesburg and Pretoria.

“It was inspiring to have a full house of women join us at this event, and to share the company of five of SA’s top movers and shakers – stalwarts of personal development, philanthropy, business, education, health and entrepreneurship.”

“It’s something that South Africa definitely needs more of”, Fine added.

Group marketing director of Ascendis Health, Julit Morrison, also added that the event was, “A powerful reminder to take charge of your life because no one else will. To be femininely fearless.”

SourceL IOL News

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