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Ralph Stanfield & Colin Booysen spotted at #PeteMihalikFuneral

Mihalik, 50, was shot in the head at point-blank range as he dropped his children off at their private school Reddam House in Green Point last week.

Ralph Stanfield & Colin Booysen spotted at #PeteMihalik funeral. Cape Town – The funeral service for a criminal defence lawyer, Pete Mihalik, was held on Saturday at St Mary’s Cathedral in Cape Town.

There was a heavy police presence around the church and several security guards inside.

Pete Mihalik

Among the mourners seen paying their last respects were alleged gang boss Ralph Stanfield, who carried Mihalik’s coffin from the hearse into the church, alleged underworld kingpin Colin Booysen and Western Cape High Court Judge Siraj Desai

Mihalik’s 17-year-old daughter Cassidy delivered the eulogy.

Mihalik’s eight-year-old son sustained a gunshot wound to his jaw. The advocate’s teenage daughter, 17, who was in the back seat, was not injured.

The gunman fired a shot through the driver’s window of Mihalik’s Mercedes-Benz. Neighbours reported hearing two gunshots.

Three men have since been charged for Mihalik’s murder.

The State alleges that the murder was premeditated. In the charge sheet, the State alleges that the accused intentionally killed Mahalik by shooting him in the head with a firearm and that the offence “was committed by a person, group of persons or syndicate acting in the execution or furtherance of a common purpose or conspiracy”.

In the attempted murder charge, the State alleged that the accused intentionally attempted to kill Mihalik’s son by “shooting him in the face/head with a firearm and thereby inflicting serious and potentially life-threatening injuries”.

The third and fourth charges relate to the accused’s alleged possession of a 9 mm unlicensed firearm and ammunition. There has been much speculation about the murder with one newspaper reporting that a R1 million hit on Mihalik was ordered from a jail cell.

Three years ago Mihalik, the go-to-lawyer for underworld figures, lost his wife, who was suffering from depression to suicide. The case has been postponed to November 15.