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It wasn’t me, says Nomia Ndlovu

Nomia Ndlovu is rejecting all allegations that she masterminded the deaths of her loved ones.

The former police officer is on trial for the murders of her lover, Maurice Mabasa, and five relatives, allegedly so she could cash in on insurance payouts.

She’s also accused of planning to kill her mother, her sister, and her nieces and nephews.

Source: eNCA

In other news – Pearl Modiadie’s baby daddy Nathaniel Oppenheimer: Where he allegedly comes from shocks Mzansi

After South African television presenter Pearl Modiadie posted pictures of her son Lewatle Olivier Oppenheimer’s first birthday party, Tweeps assumed the father of her child was related to the South African billionaire family — the Oppenheimers.

Pearl Modiadie

Over the past weekend, Pearl Modiadie posted pictures of her son’s first birthday party, finally revealing his face. However, people were less interested in how adorable the toddler is and more interested in his surname. Learn More

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