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Israel’s targeting of Gaza hospitals decried as inhumane

South Africa’s legal representative, Dr Adila Hassim, tells the International Court of Justice (ICJ) that Israel’s targeted attacks on hospitals have turned a refuge for displaced and sick civilians into mass graves.

South Africa has approached the ICJ in the Hague, Netherlands, to request the court to order Israel to halt military action in Rafah. SA is specifically asking the court for additional or amended provisional measures in light of the changed circumstances facing Palestinians in Gaza, particularly in Rafah.

Hassim explains, “Israel’s systematic targeting and bombardment of hospitals and medical facilities, and its throttling of humanitarian aid, has pushed Gaza’s medical system to collapse. Israel’s direct attack on and siege of Gaza’s biggest hospitals has led to the uncovering of mass graves evidencing Israeli massacres of Palestinians seeking shelter and treatment.”

Hassim adds, “On 10 April, a UN inspection team reported that Khan Younis was reduced to rubble and dirt, and returnees discovered ghastly scenes of unearthed mass graves containing the massacred bodies of the elderly, children, women and men at Al Nasser hospital. Blue scrubs reportedly still clothed the dead bodies of medical staff.

Source: BBC

In other news – Cassper Nyovest EXPOSES fake wife Pulane

Well-known South African rapper, songwriter, entrepreneur, record producer, and amateur boxer, Cassper Nyovest stops the public from following a fake account that is impersonating his wife, Pulane.

Cassper Nyovest

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