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Apple blocks downgrade from iOS 15.0.1

Apple released its iOS 15.0.1 update on 1 October and removed the ability for iPhone users to downgrade to iOS 15 and older software versions, according to a MacRumors report. The Cupertino-based tech company stopped signing code for iOS 15 and 14.8 last week, making 15.0.1 the only publicly accessible version.

According to the report, Apple regularly stops signing code for its older software builds to encourage users to keep their operating systems updated. iOS 15.0.1 focuses on resolving bugs reported by users on iOS 15, including the issue with Apple’s “unlock with Apple Watch” feature that was not working on iPhone 13 devices.

The feature, released in iOS 14.5 earlier this year, uses Face ID and a paired Apple Watch to unlock iPhone devices when the user is wearing a face mask or sunglasses.

“Apple has identified an issue where Unlock with Apple Watch may not work with iPhone 13 devices,” the company said in a statement. You might see ‘Unable to Communicate with Apple Watch’ if you try to unlock your iPhone while wearing a face mask, or you might not be able to set up Unlock with Apple Watch.”

iOS 15.0.1 addressed a bug in the Settings app, which erroneously displayed an alert indicating that device storage was full. The software update also resolved an issue where Fitness+ subscribers were noticing that audio meditations would start unexpectedly.

Source: appleinsider

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