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If I give you all of me, do you promise to treat me like an egg? Faith Nketsi

If I give you all of me, do you promise to treat me like an egg? Faith Nketsi. The Queen strikes again, and she never disappoints. No matter where she is she keeps on making heads turn. The Mzansi Insta babe is one of the finest and most loved people in Mzansi. She has body goals that can make any man go wild. She knows how to dress up as well and she keeps on getting our attention.

Faith has always looked good and whenever she wears clothes she rocks in them this is why she is still one of the hottest Instagram babes in Mzansi. Started as a socialite and rose her way up until she reached her goals. By the way, her latest pictures are fire…

Faith Nketsi

She is now officially one of the best entertainers we have in the country, rubbing shoulders with the likes of Somizi when hosting gigs together.Faith NketsiFaith Nketsi aka Queen Tw#rk is a South African entertainment model whose body has gotten her involved in more scandals, but she does not let that get to her. She is serving fire in these pictures and they have just proved that she is here to stay she is not going anywhere anytime soon…

Faith Nketsi

These escalators weren’t working In case you were wondering…

Faith Nketsi

I may be young but I’m ready. I’m so happy with you


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