#IdolsSA season 15 runner-up Sneziey sends a strong message to the Qwabe twins

Sneziey didn’t care when people attacked her on social media. In fact, she was prepared. The Idols SA runner-up wants people insulting her and her gogo on social media, saying they own tokoloshes, to back off. Me and my gogo are not evil,” said Sneziey, whose real name is Snenhlanhla Msomi. I wish my mother was still alive so she can speak on my behalf.” I don’t have a tokoloshe and my gogo doesn’t own one. I’m a praying woman! Dumi Mkokstad and Jumbo can attest to this because they taught me how to pray.”

She told Daily Sun she learnt about the insults on social media.“I didn’t care when the insults were directed at me. In fact, I was prepared for them,” she said. She said this started when she was accused of bullying the Qwabe twins, Viggy and Virginia.

Viggy and Virginia Qwabe

“Their relatives accused me of bullying them. I was flooded with hateful messages after that,” she said. I expected Viggy and Virginia to defend and protect me, but they kept quiet. They didn’t even bother to contact me. Sneziey said she had to keep a happy face but was hurting. But she didn’t want an apology from the twins. But I pray that God vindicates me and embarrasses my enemies. I also wish them luck in whatever they do,” she said.

Viggy and Virginia Qwabe

The Umlazi-born Sneziey said she didn’t want to involve her gogo in any of this. I wish my mother was still alive so she can speak on my behalf.“I’ve decided to fight my battles without involving my gogo or any of my family members. This is because I’m the one who entered Idols. Therefore, I’m going to fight on my own.” Asked if she was bitter about not winning Idols, she said: “I’m actually happy for Luyolo. He’s my friend. I prayed for the world to receive him well if he wins.

“I honestly believe he deserves to win. I also consider myself a winner. The only difference is that he has more prizes. She said she was going back to Durban before Friday. I just hope I don’t get killed at the airport because people have shown me nothing but hate,” she said.

Snenhlanhla Sneziey Msomi VS The Qwabe Twins

“I can’t wait to get home so that my family can see I’m still alive and fine. Sneziey’s PR and booking agent, Kim Coppen from Think Theatre, said: “I’m aware of these insults. Sneziey informed me about it and she was heartbroken. I counselled her and told her to keep her head down. This is cyberbullying, and in this competition it’s quite common. However, this year it was more brutal than other years. Meanwhile, the Qwabe twins’ father Laurence said: “I don’t want to comment on anything that concerns that girl. I’m only prepared to discuss the future of my daughters.

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