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Huawei Watch Fit Review

Huawei’s most advanced wearable to come to the EU is the Watch Fit, a physical fitness tracker with an Apple Watch pattern that is outfitted with an act of practical physical fitness workouts and tracking for a chain of actions. 

We have spent a little time with the Huawei Watch Fit to ensure its execution in day-to-day use – tracking physical exercise, testing the inbuilt physical fitness programs, and assuring how accurate the nap tracking and pulse rate monitoring is.

Design and Build:

The external metal case of the Watch Fit comes out black, silver, or rose gold, and the silicone polymer strap is accessible in the black lead, Mint Green, Cantaloupe Orange, and Sakura Pink. The model we tried out was the rose gold and pink strap combination.

Considering at 21g (without the lather), this is a light watch that models lean on your wrist joint and is noticeable like a few more significant wearable.

The pattern is redolent of the Apple Watch. It is fashionable and clean and a lot less broken than the Huawei Watch GT. In spite of being mainly a sports wearable, this watch well fuses into day-to-day wear.

The silicone polymer strap on this watch is not unique, thanks to its elastic look and experience. Luckily, Huawei does not propose any leather ones at the time of composing. All the same, it is long-lasting, and dirt washes out easily.

The Huawei Watch Fit features a 1.64in orthogonal arced AMOLED presentation, with a resolution of 280 x 456 and a 70% screen-to-body ratio. It’s shiny, and the colors are bright, with expert contrast – although, under direct sunshine, you do acquire a piece of a glare.

For the interest of swimming, it is as well 5 ATM water-repellent. I have utilized it in pools both outside and inside and bumped no lag on the touchscreen even although it was wet.

Software System and Features:

Like other Huawei watches, the Watch Fit keeps going Lite OS. It’s comfortable to sail, and boasts are distinctly presented, though the watch does not propose any third-party app back up, which might be a deal-breaker for a few.

You are able to synchronize up your watch to experience phone alerts, incoming calls, alarms, and the weather condition and get the power to control music replay on your phone. All the same, despite the Watch Fit’s visual aspect, the bounded number of characteristics do create this wearable a lot of a physical fitness tracker than a committed smart watch.

Out of the package, the watch proposes 11 clear inbuilt workout-tracking choices, including walk-to, running, swimming, bicycling, and elliptic training, plus the choice to add up across 90 customized ones. These include yoga, whirling, HIIT, and even belly dance.

Suppose you don’t have a training program prepared. In that case, you can follow several built-in work-outs, demonstrated using a virtual personal trainer, from five-minute exercises that you can do sitting at your desk to full-blown cardio blasts.

Tracking and Performance:

During walk-to sessions, the Global Positioning System in the Huawei Fit precisely tracks paths and offers you your fair pace, beat, the calories burned down, and max pulse rate throughout the exercise.

We tried out the watch during pool sessions, and it was capable of allowing data on my most victimized stroke and the number of laps we handled programming the distance of the pool into the watch. The watch as well relays the wearer’s pulse rate section is during the exercise.

Battery Life:

Huawei lays claims a ten-day fair battery life from the 180mAh cell, and I mostly found this accurate. Keeping the brightness level on auto and utilizing the workout characteristic about threefold a week (and nap tracking a few times per week), it made out to bang this mark. Naturally, coming out of the brightness level and calculating more regularly drains the cell faster.


The Huawei Watch Fit is a fashionable and long-lasting wearable with strong physical fitness tracking capacities and bang-up battery life. The inbuilt practical personal flight simulator assists this watch jump out from the herd.

It is not perfect – auto-detect workouts do not work decently, and the pulse rate monitoring is fluky as utilized in water. Plus, the app could do a few refining and extra resources to assist users in realizing the information that the watch tracks.

All the same, for a watch that comes out under–£125, this is yet a bang-up purchase to take against additional superior rivals.

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