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Huawei Free Buds 4i

The most advanced high-end TWS air dots from Huawei are the Huawei FreeBuds 4, and they add a repetitious upgrade across 2019’s FreeBuds 3. Not to befuddled with the freshly founded FreeBuds 4i, the FreeBuds 4 characteristics like loose ear design with active noise cancellation, which claims to separate up to 25dB of environmental noise. You also get the up-to-date Bluetooth 5.2 connectivity and more durable, long-lasting battery life in a somewhat more concise form factor likened to the previous year’s model.

Design and Build up Quality:

Huawei FreeBuds 4 bestow an open-fit vogue with elongated stems, which instantly remind of regular Apple’s AirPods and with the visible resemblance between the earpieces is undoubtedly present. The charging case of free buds is somewhat smaller and considers more petite than the unspecified on the FreeBuds 3, making them fit out easier in trouser pockets and handbags. It all the same looks like you are bearing just about a floss kit, and we choose the more angular look of the AirPods’ case.

The bit we put FreeBuds 4 in the ears, we discovered they would not stick around and tend to lose over time to the place where we experienced they would fall away and out. Other people who judged them rumoured they fit out just o.k. with their audio receptors, so the problem was apparently on the other side.

In spite of the lacklustre fit-out, we yet loved the light and non-obtrusive cast factor, which bestowed to aggregate long sessions of hearing with no ear fatigue or discomfort.

The case of free buds has benefited from a hardier build this time just about compared to the FreeBuds 3 and unquestionably feels more superior. The opening-up mechanics is rock strong and adds an appreciated snap as closing. The big top lid can now back up the angle of the entire case without keeping out close, which is a clear-cut sign of the bettered build. The free buds themselves are considerably put together and endured the casual fall from just about 2 meters on the ground with no drags or scratches.

Huawei is marketing two editions of the FreeBuds 4 concerning the case – a pumped-up charging edition which utilized for this follow-up, and a wireless charging set which is still to be created accessible. Package contents include the buds in their charging case, a USB-C wire for charging, and a few manuals. The buds are IPX4 ranked for water and dust resistivity.

Misc. Features:

As shortly as you put the earpieces in your ear, you bring accompanying audio to allow you to recognize they are connected. You can use either of them individually, which is stylish if you want to share your music with someone. Taking out either of the buds immediately pauses all audio, including videos on smartphones, tablets, and laptops.

Sound Quality:

FreeBuds 4 boast 14.3mm, active coil drivers. We listened to different music genres besides the unpredictable podcast, YouTube video, and a couple of basketballs during our trial period. The earpieces gave up crisp, clear-cut, and great sound altogether use cases without across pronouncing bass voice. They are not the most flash pair of TWS buds just about, but all the same, they offer an equilibrated sound profile which is an intrusive step above more low-cost choices we have tested in the last year.

Battery Life:

Huawei lays claim 2.5 hours of battery life with ANC enabled and equal to 4 hours with it switched off. The charging case reaches out those numbers to 14 hours or 22 hours severally. A fast 15-minute fast charge acquires you up to 2.5 hours of audio playback.

In our examination, we found these numbers to be exact. FreeBuds 4 make out to last us 2 full days of function and gymnasium sessions before the low battery blinker came out. We commonly listened to music at 60-80% intensity. An entire charge from 0 to 100% carried approximately 30 minutes which is quite extraordinary.


Huawei’s FreeBuds 4 represents an alive option for those searching for a pair of superior open-fit earpieces that propose impressive audio and do not need starring ANC. The advances across the FreeBuds 3 are repetitious and experienced most in the multipoint pairing, retooled gesture piloting, and bettered microphone system.

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