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Huawei granted another 45 days to do business with US companies


The United States granted Chinese telecom giant Huawei another 45 days to continue doing business with American companies. The new provisional license expires on 15 May. Prior to the extension, the previous license was set to expire on 1 April. In May, Washington said it would blacklist Huawei from the US market and from buying crucial American components.

The United States has expressed concern that Huawei equipment could contain security loopholes that allow China to spy on global communications traffic. The company has denied the accusation.


US companies and residents are essentially forced to find alternative suppliers for Huawei’ telecommunications equipment and software.

US President Donald Trump’s administration granted Huawei a provisional license, extended for 90 days in November and then for 45 days in February, so as not to cut off the most rural areas of the United States from the world while companies found alternative suppliers.

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