How to benefit from copier and printer rentals

Investing in any asset for your office requires a lot of consideration, including the options to either buy or rent equipment. Many office suppliers will recommend printer rentals and copier rentals at a monthly fee, but as customer you should also keep in mind that there will be contractual commitments to consider. 

Of course there are pros and cons of both leasing and buying these equipment, and there are many questions one should ask before deciding which would be the best deal.

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So, why would one consider copier and printer rentals

Lower initial costs

One of the main benefits may be that printer and copier technology changes so fast with multifunction devices that it may be economically more viable to lease rather than to buy.

Today, most of these multifunctional devices can copy, print, scan, fax, and are an important part of the document management of any professional office. With many companies also attempting to go paperless, the copier/printer multifunctional device becomes a powerful technology tool in a modern office.

A start-up company may be unsure about long-term printing and copying requirements, and renting a printer or copier means fewer upfront costs, especially when it needs highly specialised equipment.

No replacement costs or down payments. 

Many small businesses initially struggle with cash flow and must apply their available cash to grow their business.  Leases rarely require a down payment, so they can acquire new equipment without tapping into much-needed funds.

Similarly, once an office copier or printer becomes outdated or starts to malfunction and needs to be replaced, the unexpected replacement costs will be absorbed by the supplier and not by the business owner if it is rented.

Flexible payment plans

When a business must invest in a copier or printer from the start, it generally involves big costs. However, when the decision was made to rent a copier or printer, there are often flexible payment plans available from suppliers which can be customised to suit the requirements of an individual business.

Managing monthly expenses. 

With a lease, your monthly cost is pre-determined, which can help you budget more effectively. You don’t have to fear unplanned maintenance costs, since most providers rent out printers and copiers with maintenance plans which means less hassles of dealing with equipment malfunctions.

Keeping equipment up-to-date 

Copiers and printers eventually become obsolete but by renting it, you leave the financial burden of obsolescence to the equipment leasing company. Once rented equipment has served its purpose and needs to be replaced, that burden falls onto the supplier.

After your lease expires, you are free to lease newer, faster, and cheaper equipment to keep up with your competition easier. Leasing can enable any small business to obtain sophisticated technology that might otherwise be unaffordable. 

Thoroughly assess the costs and particular requirements of your company needs before deciding on renting or buying copiers and printers. 

Even with a rental agreement, you must understand all the cost implications, including any penalties they might be incurred.