Home Scandals Housemaid in big trouble for teaching a 4-year-old boy S.e.x moves

Housemaid in big trouble for teaching a 4-year-old boy S.e.x moves

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Housemaid in big trouble for teaching a 4-year-old boy S.e.x moves! Brazen Maid Arrested For Teaching 4-Year-Old Boy Se_x Moves.

In a disturbing case, a woman has been arrested after she allegedly taught her employer’s 4-year-old son se_x moves. The 21-year-old woman who works as a domestic worker allegedly taught the little boy to caress the buttocks, breasts and private parts of a woman.

iHarare understands that the offence came to light after the minor tried some of the moves he had been taught on his mother and grandmother in separate incidents. Princess Mpofu was arrested after the minor revealed that she was the one who had been teaching him the se_x moves.

The Chronicle reports that Mpofu appeared before Bulawayo magistrate Lizwe Jamela facing a charge of performing indecent acts with a young person.

Outlining the case, the prosecution said,

Sometime in November in the same year, the boy’s mother was lying on the floor facing upwards when the complainant got on top of her and started performing sexual moves. When the complainant was asked what he was doing he said the accused person had taught him.

It was also revealed that the minor had also tried to put his hand under the skirt of another woman. When questioned, he revealed that he wanted to play with her privates as he had been taught by the accused.

Mpofu was remanded to January 21 on $100 bail.

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