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Simz Ngema shows off her makeup-free face: Pictures

Simz Ngema is taking a break from make-up for a month and we’re not complaining

Ok, let’s face it, as a public figure in the industry, stepping outside your house without makeup could cause you to face public scrutiny. Simphiwe Ngema announced that she would be taking a break from the mask, we couldn’t complain.

Simz Ngema

If you follow the actress on social media, you’d notice that when she’s not on set, she is barefaced and embracing her natural glow.

Simz Ngema

In a recent post on Instagram, Simz admitted to being tired of make-up and was giving her face a break, saying.

Simz Ngema


“Trying to give my skin a break before I get back on-set. No make-up for a month.

Simz NgemaSource: Instagram/News365coza

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