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Mother of 2 living in fear of her baby daddy who is a police officer

Zwakele Ndwandwe car burnt

When a mother realized that she no longer wanted to be in a relationship with her baby daddy anymore, she ended the relationship.

The mother, Zwakele Ndwandwe from Hlabisa in the north of KZN, wanted peace of mind in her life. But that never happened. She claims that since she ended the relationship with her cop baby daddy, he has been trying to end her life.

The 47-year-old mother of three told Daily Sun that she broke up with her baby daddy in 2018 after she discovered that he was using her car to transport his girlfriends.

“He had been using my car as it was kept in his home because I didn’t have a garage in my home. But then I discovered that he takes other women with my car. I then asked him to give it back to me for one week. And then when the one week ended he demanded it back. But I refused to give it to him. That was when trouble began,” she said.

She said the same year in April he burnt the car while it was parked at her home.

“I reported the matter to the police. He also admitted to burning my car. But he never got arrested and I don’t know what happened to the matter,” said Zwakele.

She said there are many things he did including making threatening phone calls.

“I decided to consult an inyanga who came and put some muthi which prevented anyone from coming into my home. And then four men were found sleeping at the gate of my home. When they were asked they said they were sent by him to my home,” she said.

Zwakele Ndwandwe car burnt

She said the men were sent to kill her as they were carrying guns.

“Last year in February he hijacked me with a police van, took my car keys and dumped me in a deserted area. I reported that incident as well.

The matter was investigated. This year he was suspended from work and then he was fired, but I heard that on Tuesday he was back to work. I don’t know what happened regarding the case. The investigating officer in the matter also does not know,” she said.

She said she feels that he does as he pleases to her because he is a cop.

“I don’t feel safe anymore. Every day I walk around fearing that he might come and do something to me. I fear that he will end my life and my children will be left alone suffering,” she said.

She said she has two children with him.

KZN cops spokeswoman Colonel Thembeka Mbele confirmed that a case of malicious damage to property was opened for investigation by Hlabisa SAPS after the complainant’s vehicle was set alight on 7 April 2018.

Mbele said the docket was closed undetected.

“If there is new evidence the docket will be reopened,” said Mbele.

Mbele also confirmed that a case of common robbery was opened for investigation by Mtubatuba SAPS.

“The complainant alleged that on 5 February 2019 she was robbed of her car keys by a known suspect. A 49-year-old suspect was arrested and appeared in court. The matter was later withdrawn,” said Mbele.

But Zwakele said she never withdrew the charges and she has no idea who did.

-Daily Sun

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