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Murder accused Henri van Breda to learn his Fate

It’s D-day for triple axe-murder accused Henri van Breda.

Van Breda pleaded not guilty to killing his father, mother, and brother.

Judgment will be delivered by Judge Siraj Desai in the Western Cape High court on Monday.

Van Breda claims a masked intruder attacked his family with an axe.

Henri van Breda

He also mentioned hearing other voices in the house, leading to speculation there may have been more than one intruder.

He says he engaged in a scuffle with the attacker.

Later in the trial, the 23-year-old was diagnosed with myoclonic juvenile epilepsy.

In a twist, a neurologist for the defence said van Breda suffered an epileptic seizure shortly after the attacks on his family.

The defence argued this explains his loss of consciousness, shortly after the attacker escaped.

The blood of Marli van Breda – the accused’s sister – does not appear on the murder weapon.

This remains a major question in the trial and the defence says the state has no explanation for this.

To explain the missing blood, the defence introduced the possibility of a second murder weapon, used to carry out the attacks on the family.

Presiding judge, Siraj Desai has been quite vocal during the trial, even more so, when the accused took the stand.


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