Amazing Benefits of Having Big B00BS

Whatever you choose to call them, breasts and their many guises are a huge part of being a woman. Part erogenous zone, part sustenance-givers, part whatever-you-choose-to-make-them, breasts have come to represent the complexities of womanhood, from maternal softness to bold s.e.xuality.

Naturally, the size of your boobs doesn’t make you any more or less of a woman, and whether they’re big, small or whatever, you should love and cherish them unconditionally. After all, much like the rest of the female anatomy, boobs come in all shapes, sizes and hues – and they’re all perfect. Breasts are, realistically, little more than glorified bags of fat (as Rachel Bloom so eloquently puts it), but they’re a magical thing nonetheless and, contrary to what a certain viral headline might have led you to believe, they never left.

All I ever wanted in life was big boobs. I come from a long line of wide-hipped and ample-bosomed women but sadly, I take after my father’s side. Growing up I would tell myself that my boobs would eventually come in and, despite having a respectable 36C, I still long for the day where I’ll be able to effortlessly fill a plunging neckline without the aid of a push-up.

So since I can’t experience the excellence of big boobs myself, I have to live vicariously through other big-chested women, with a mix of envy and fascination. I’m currently listening to Freya Lingerie’s brilliant podcast When Life Give You Melons, in which Maya Jama is joined by a whole host of well-known women to discuss the ups and downs of having big boobs, dating and many other of life’s daily dilemmas. We also asked four women to tell Refinery29 a little bit more about what life is like with big, beautiful breasts.

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Mzansi star DJ, Prince Kaybee got the attention again after spilling out advice on s.e.x. Without a pre-speech, the DJ just popped on Twitter telling fans never to try out having s.e.x before going to the gym.

Prince Kaybee

Many were shocked by the tweet as they never saw it coming. Some fans assumed he just experienced it, that’s why he quickly came to Twitter to inform them. Learn more

Source: refinery29

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