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Are women with big B00BS more s.e.xual?

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American feminist Iris Marion Young said: “Brea_sts are a scandal because they shatter the border between motherhood and s.e.xuality”, underlining the delicate balance women face when it comes to their b00bs.

Between giving birth and having s.e.x, womanhood is always on the line. Simply put, brea_sts rule the world.

Obviously, they come in different sizes and shapes, but today, we want to focus on the bigger-sized ones to find out if women with big brea_sts are more s.e.xual.

Research shows this might be true. According to s.e.x experts, women with larger brea_sts have twice as much s.e.x as flat-chested women, and men with bulging chest muscles also have twice as much s.e.x as those with soft chests and bulging bellies.

In 2004, research showed women with bigger brea_sts had higher oestrogen and estradiol levels, meaning they were more fertile. Health experts also said women with bigger brea_sts tend to have a mixed bag of health issues.

It’s clear women with bigger brea_sts have the best of both worlds. We also can’t ignore public and social media awareness of bigger b00bs.

P0rn0graphy and advertising have also contributed to the idea that bigger is better.

The moral of the story is women are born physically different when it comes to their brea_sts. It really boils down to how they rock it, so is bigger really better?

-Daily Sun

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