Three injured in Hammersdale crash

KwaZulu-Natal: At 17H15 Wednesday afternoon Netcare 911 responded to reports of a collision on Merryweather Drive in Hammersdale.

Reports from the scene indicate that the driver of a light motor vehicle lost control resulting in the car leaving the road.

Medics assessed the scene and found three females had sustained minor injuries.

The patients were treated in the scene before being transported by Netcare 911 ambulance to the hospital for further treatment.

All necessary authorities were on the scene.

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Women of colour have been embracing their natural hair more and more and they are being so honest with themselves. Uzalo actress, Gugu Gumede recently shared that she decided to go natural more because she no longer felt beautiful when she had no wig on.

Gugu Gumede

“I used to wear wigs because I just didn’t feel beautiful without them. I’m fine with my hair in it is natural to state but most people would not see it as beautiful.” She told Move! continue reading

Source: Shawn Herbst, Media Liaison Officer, Netcare Limited, Netcare 911