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Gunman Kills 10 at Buffalo Supermarket in Racist Attack

A teenage gunman entranced by a white supremacist ideology known as replacement theory opened fire at a supermarket in Buffalo on Saturday, methodically shooting and killing 10 people and injuring three more, almost all of them Black, in one of the deadliest racist massacres in recent American history.

The authorities identified the gunman as 18-year-old Payton S. Gendron of Conklin, a small town in New York’s rural Southern Tier. Mr Gendron drove more than 200 miles to mount his attack, which he also livestreamed, the police said, a chilling video feed that appeared designed to promote his sinister agenda representative Brian Higgins, a Democrat who represents Buffalo, said that “today our neighbors, people who left their homes to simply go to work or get groceries, were targeted by a racism-inspired act of domestic terrorism.” “We are hurt, we are grieving, and we will need to come together like Buffalo does to heal,” he said.

Buffalo Police Commissioner Joseph Gramaglia, says, “He had tactical gear, he had a tactical helmet on, he had a camera that he was live-streaming what he was doing. The individual exited his car and engaged four individuals. He shot four people in the parking lot. Three of those were deceased and one individual at this time is surviving the injury.”

“The individual went inside, as I said an 18 year-old white male, walked into the store and began engaging customers inside the store. One of the individuals inside the store is a beloved security guard, a retired Buffalo police officer, a hero in our eyes, engaged the suspect, fired multiple shots struck the suspect but because he was heavily armed plating on that bullets had no round, the suspect engaged our retired officer and he was ultimately shot and deceased at the scene,” says Gramaglia.

Source: Reuters

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