Top 5 countries with women who are great in bed

If I say Lebo Mathosa, Thandiswa Mzwai, Beyonce, and Whitney Houston, what comes to mind? Besides beauty and black excellence, these are four women who have made a mark and have never disappointed on any stage.

From their electrifying dance moves to their belting voices, these four women are undoubtedly the greatest performers of all time.

Speaking of the stage, sex is also a performance that requires everyone to rise to the occasion.

According to many sexologists, women are the greatest initiators of sex and always want to put on a great performance in the bedroom.

According to the American-Grit magazine, these are the women who are great in bed in the world:

1. Finland

According to a study by Victoria Milan, 79% of Finish women confessed to having a high s.e.x drive and 30% of them said they had a very high s.e.x drive which bordered on nymphomania.

2. Sweden

The Swedish ranked second in the study with 78%. Sweden also had the highest percentage (39%) of women who said they enjoyed s.e.x too much.

3. Denmark

It is no surprise that 76% of Danish women considered themselves to have a high s.e.x drive since another Victoria Milan study showed they were also the most likely women to have s.e.x on the first date.

4. Norway

According to the study, Norway tied with Denmark at 76%. The only difference between the two Scandinavian countries is that a slightly higher percentage of Norwegian women (35%) admitted to having a very high s.e.x drive than Danish women (34%). The Victoria Milan study also linked high s.e.x drive to higher standards of living.

5. Ireland

Irish women are typically confident and have bold personalities. It seems they match those traits with an equally high s.e.x drive as 75% of Irish women who responded to the study admitted they had a high s.e.x drive. A further 26% said they believed they had an above-average s.e.x drive.

-daily sun

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