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Gospel star Dr Tumi speaks out after being mugged

Gospel star Dr Tumi gets mugged in broad daylight

Gospel powerhouse and medical doctor Dr Tumi had his fans worried after a video of him getting mugged made the rounds on social media.

The video that was trending on Wednesday, 24 February saw Dr Tumi being mugged and having his phone taken away from him.

Social media was abuzz and people were trying to find out if the Wafika singer was okay. Fortunately, Dr Tumi told the publication that he is fine.

“I’m fine. I was not shocked that it happened because of the state of violence and crime in our country. So I think we’re used to such things these days that I was like ‘okay, it happened’,” he said.

“If anything, the mugging took me by surprise. It took me a minute to realize that somebody had just stolen my phone,” he continued.

Dr Tumi said he was visiting a friend in Midrand.

“I was passing by to greet a friend. It’s a car wash and an eatery. You don’t even think anybody could ever pull something at a place like that. And I don’t think I’d have suspected him even if I had seen him beforehand because there are people who are just passing by there,” he said.

The singer opened a case at Midrand Police Station and said he hasn’t heard an update from the cops yet.

-daily sun

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