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Google possibly reveals Pixel 3 color versions

Google Pixel

Google’s upcoming Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL have leaked so much already that there haven’t been many details left unknown. And now you can pretty much scratch another one off the list – the colour versions.

Google seems to be prepping three of those (how fitting for the Pixel 3, right?). Black, white, and something that can be described both as mint or turquoise. These have been revealed by the promo website put up by the search giant, which you can visit by hitting the Source link below.

Google Pixel

It shows outlines of phones with three separate backgrounds, and the fact that those are two-tone is what gives it away. The new Pixels will keep that look on the back even if they’re expected to have all-glass rears, unlike their predecessors which mixed glass with aluminium.

The white model has a mint outline may imply you should expect another mint-coloured power button. Obviously, this is speculation, but it seems pretty logical for Google to go this way. And to tease its phones’ colours in such a manner.

Source: GSM Arena