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Process to verify AMCU as union at Gold One Modder East mine close to completion

The publication understands that the process to verify the Association of Mineworkers and Construction Union (AMCU) as a union at the troubled Gold One Modder East mine is near completion.

Two hostage drama situations unfolded at the Springs operation where hundreds of workers were stuck underground for days on end in 2023.

AMCU supporters were accused of trying to strong-arm the company into granting the union organizing rights during a dispute in October and again in December.

The protracted labour fight pushed the gold mining company to the brink of financial ruin as tensions escalated.

In October, AMCU filed for a Section 21 process in the Labour Relations Court.

At the time, AMCU claimed to be backed into a corner by its union rival, the National Union of Mineworkers (NUM), and mine management to give into a closed-shop agreement.

That agreement gave NUM exclusive organizing rights at a mine where AMCU claimed workers wanted out.

After the Section 21 application, a verification process followed to determine if workers have an appetite to jump ship and join AMCU through a ballot vote. The process has now been finalized.

The publication is in possession of a verification report that shows 494 workers have opted to join AMCU from a workforce of over 1,000.

As a minority union, AMCU will now have access to the workplace, stop-order deductions, and limited negotiation rights.

NUM will retain its majority status at the mine.


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