Zodwa flirts with Glady’s husband Melusi on #Gomoramzansi

Gomora viewers have long suspected that Zodwa had an underlying, hidden crush on Melusi and on Tuesday night moghel proved them right when she started flirting with Gladys’ husband because she thought he wanted to ask for an “entanglement” with her.


Melusi has always acted with compassion towards Zodwa and because of the progress they’ve made in their very platonic relationship, Melusi thought he could ask Zodwa for advice on how to fix things with his wife, Gladys.

Melusi Gomora

However, when Melusi went to ask Zodwa for help he wasn’t immediately specific, which allowed Zodwa to draw her own conclusions. Just after Melusi said his request had nothing to do with work, Zodwa started to shoot her shot because she was sure Melusi wanted to ask her for a sexual favour.

That moment quickly became awkward when Melusi set the record straight that he just wanted advice on how to fix things with his wife and that, contrary to Zodwa’s admission that she finds him sexually attractive, he wasn’t about that life.

Viewers of the telenovela were howling at this point, mainly because the transition from concerned, to flirty, to embarrassed by Zodwa was hilarious!

Of course tweeps launched a meme fest for their fave. They live for her often unintentional humour. Check out the memes below.

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Source: Timeslive

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