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Gift of the Givers to assist India as the Covid-19 crisis worsens

Covid-19 cases

Director Imitiaz Sooliman of local relief organisation Gift of the Givers said they would be rendering assistance to India as the country faces a Covid-19 crisis, with infections topping the 18 million mark by Thursday.

“The world is watching a catastrophe unfolding in India, a Covid-19 tsunami has struck the country and the official figures nowhere near the real tragedy, insiders affirm,” Sooliman said.

According to Reuters by Thursday India reported 379 257 new infections and 3 645 new deaths. He said they were currently in discussions with the Indian government and Dirco to intervene decisively, practically and effectively.

Gift of the Givers

“The request is simple: “We need oxygen and oxygen delivery devices, we have everything else. Sooliman said however oxygen provision was complicated and in reality “a government to government responsibility”.

“The public can play a role in the purchase of oxygen concentrators, which Gift of the Givers is busy procuring.But the most critical, life-saving intervention is the CPAP machines that Gift of the Givers delivered during South Africa’s second wave.

Sooliman said they need humanity to respond. The picture, as graphic as they are, can never adequately convey the emotion, pain, suffering and desperation.

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