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Get The Girl You Want By Following These Expert Tips

Get the girl you want

From teenage years to adulthood, finding someone you like and getting them, in the end, can seem like an impossible task. What may seem to come natural and simple to some men can be a life-long quest for others. Putting the romanticism of parties into context is important in understanding the dynamic of initiating an acquaintanceship. We’ll be listing a few expert tips that should help you get the girl you want.

Proper Eye Contact

The true value of eye contact is sometimes forgotten amidst the many elaborate techniques men try to execute to get a girl’s attention. Standing as close as possible to a girl and delivering a cheesy one-liner is the last thing you want to do to a girl. Instead of trying to impress her with forced eloquence, eye contact can be a genuine sign of interest that doesn’t require an effort if you use proper techniques. If the girl you like doesn’t see you, you should avoid randomly greeting her. It can turn out to be quite creepy, especially if the environment is dark. Try to position yourself closely as you try to catch her attention. Once you have it, smile and introduce yourself.

Don’t Rehearse Too Much

While rehearsing a bit before a first date shouldn’t hurt, but it can quickly go down a slippery slope. You don’t want to rehearse with a script in your hands as if you’re trying to land your first acting gig. As mentioned in the Dating Skills Masters’ guidelines, stop trying to memorize silly pick-up lines. Don’t pour all your attention into trying to come up with the most original lines and expressions either; people can usually detect genuine lines or approaches miles away. You don’t have to get overly complicated or clever with your lines; you’re not hosting a stand-up comedy show.

Improving your Posture

A lot of men overlook the importance of their posture when they’re talking to a woman. A good posture can ooze confidence that can allow you the opportunity to properly present yourself to a girl in a charming way. You’ll even notice that you’ve gotten a bit taller and more powerful when you’re conscious of your posture. It’s simple enough to allow you to concentrate on the conversation instead of overwhelming yourself with complicated body language signs.

Highlight Interesting Hobbies and Passions

Simply put, intriguing and rare hobbies or passions interest people. A lot of people think that faking a hobby will make them more interesting and that often backfires. While leaving the first impression is important, you don’t want to ruin the rest of the relationship by building it on top of lies. Even if you don’t have something in mind, you may want to explore it and hit two birds with one stone; impressing the girl you like and discovering the untapped potential within you.

Make Her Laugh

It may be easier said than done, but a good sense of humour goes a long way when you’re trying to get the attention of a girl you like. Even if you already have a good sense of humour, you may tense up a bit as you try to impress her. You’ll want to ensure that your skin is thicker against the awkwardness of jokes that don’t land and be more confident around her to make her laugh. It can seem a bit shallow at first, but laughter is a pretty good indicator of intellect and social intelligence.

Be There for Her

Many people try to avoid being friend-zoned by manoeuvring away from friend activities. But being friend-zoned has nothing to do with being a good friend. In fact, you’ll have more opportunities to prove to the girl you like that you’re willing to go the extra mile for her. Even if you find yourself in the zone, it’s not that hard to move up the ranks and start dating. Show sympathy and genuine feelings when she needs someone by her side. The most stable relationships are always built upon trust and honesty.

Avoid Mixed Signals

If one doesn’t have a lot of dating experience, it’s not uncommon to unconsciously make the mistake of sending mixed signals. Even if the girl you like seems like she’s aware of your intentions, there is no better way to clear any fog in the air than pointing out what you’re looking for. The method you use to flirt with her should provide enough data for her to properly interpret your intentions. You should also take the time to learn about her intentions and goals before you rush into executing any plan.

Not all girls are the same; grand or elaborate gestures that you may see in movies can sometimes flop clichély with the wrong girl. Instead of focusing on the things that truly matter, men may often get stuck on small details that rarely ever matter. Instead of trying to take the shortest route to win the girl you want, take the time to invest in your character, and being genuine before shooting your shot.