#RIPBaxolile – Generations: The Legacy’s Baxolile murdered

Generations: The Legacy! Tshidi with her obsession to destroy, a life was taken. She brought Siyanda knowing very well that he is Jack’s brother. She wanted to use Siyanda to destroy Jack. Although Jack was too clever and he made sure he tell Siyanda that they are brothers.

Jack found his mother and because of everything that has happened in the past he is still holding a grudge against her.


He pretended to be a good man but it was just an act. He has been pressurizing his mother to tell him who is his father. He could have been patient about it. Instead, he kept on pushing and she was not ready to talk about it. He even offered to keep her in his house so that he could keep on asking questions.


His mother was hurt in the past. There is no woman who will dump her child without reason. Jack was heartless. Her mother Baxolile heard him talking about putting drugs inside her tea. She got angry and tried to kill him. Instead, Jack killed her.


He could have been patient with her. She was going, to be honest with him. Now it is too late for him. He is going to regret it for the rest of his life. He will wish he did not kill her.

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