Generations actress sleeping with baby daddy behind her new man’s back

Actress Ayanda is in a love triangle, or possibly a square, on Generations: The Legacy.

She is dating and living with Nkosiyabo, but it seems her heart is with her baby daddy Tau Moroka.

The two have been messing around behind Nkosiyabo’s back ever since Tau was released from prison. Little does Ayanda know that the reason she could have lost their daughter Nontle in the mine explosion is because Tau orchestrated the whole thing.

Tau didn’t know their daughter would be underground, busy investigating the zama zama operations, when he planned the blast that nearly ended her life. Luckily, she made it out alive but there’ll be hell to pay the day Ayanda finds out.

Samela Tyelbooi (Ayanda)

Speaking of Tau, the chemistry between him and Karabo Moroka is still undeniable. The two were married and have been divorced for years but every time they are in the same room, sparks seem to fly – although neither of them are ready to admit it yet.

Tau had been arrested after taking the fall for Ayanda in a murder case. He truly loves her as he wouldn’t have done what he did for her if he didn’t. However, I can’t help but wonder if they are only together because Ayanda feels like she owes him or that they have a daughter together.

Samela Tyelbooi (Ayanda)

Everyone deserves a mum like Meikie Maputla on Skeem Saam.

This woman will go to hell and back for her family. What she did in court for her son Leeto is unmatched. Leeto is on trial for the murder of Dragon, a notorious loan shark whom he shot when he held the patrons of his club Bazaruto hostage.

While he expected his girlfriend Joy to have his back, she dragged his name through the mud after she caught him cheating on her with his employee, Bontle.

When Leeto thought all was lost, his mum gave the best testimony. It was the kind that could leave any judge convinced he was the best thing to ever happen to the world. She sang his praises like her own life depended on it and even left the defence lawyer with her tail between her legs.

What should be the happiest time in Elizabeth’s life is turning out to be a disaster. Her lobola money was deposited into her mum’s account, which was in arrears. The bank then took the money, which was more than R100 0000. Elizabeth was shocked when her mum Jacobeth told her she had no money for her upcoming wedding with her high school sweetheart, Kwaito. Things are so bad that Jacobeth is even suggesting that there shouldn’t any food served on the day.

Does their family not have uncles who arrive a week earlier, ready to be served breakfast, lunch and supper before the big day? The least said about the booze they’ll be expecting the better. Jacobeth had better make a plan as Elizabeth is her only daughter

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In other news – Bonang Matheba finds love

After some recent drama on her reality show, Bonang Matheba, a prominent businesswoman and media personality, has announced that she does not envision herself participating in reality TV again.

Bonang Matheba

Bonang, who previously appeared on the reality show “Young, Famous and African” but left after a short stint, clarified that she was only a guest on the show, dispelling rumors of power struggles with fellow cast members. Instead, Bonang has decided to focus on her YouTube show, “Bedazzled,” which will be exclusively available to her supporters and followers. Read More