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Bonang Matheba finds love

After some recent drama on her reality show, Bonang Matheba, a prominent businesswoman and media personality, has announced that she does not envision herself participating in reality TV again. Bonang, who previously appeared on the reality show “Young, Famous and African” but left after a short stint, clarified that she was only a guest on the show, dispelling rumors of power struggles with fellow cast members.

Instead, Bonang has decided to focus on her YouTube show, “Bedazzled,” which will be exclusively available to her supporters and followers. In a recent interview with ZiMoja, she discussed her perspective on reality TV, her upcoming plans, and her personal life. When asked about the possibility of doing another reality TV show, Bonang expressed her preference for working at her own pace and sharing on her terms. She described reality TV as limiting and demanding, stating that she has other business interests that require her attention.

Bonang Matheba

Bonang has faced challenges during the production of her reality show, “Being Bonang.” In the past, she tweeted that the show would not air until she received payment from those who owed her, following a public dispute with her executive producer, Legend Manqele. She has previously described the experience of working on Season 3 of her reality show as the worst in her working life.

Bonang emphasized her commitment to sharing aspects of her work and behind-the-scenes moments that are often unseen by the public. Through “Bedazzled,” viewers can expect an intimate glimpse into Bonang’s world, featuring various projects and travels. She also discussed how having her own platform allows her to control her narrative and navigate away from the drama she encountered with producers during her reality TV show. According to Bonang, consistency, professionalism, and staying true to her passions and strengths are crucial factors for achieving success.

Bonang Matheba

During the interview, Bonang also touched on matters of the heart. When asked about her partner, she said, “My man, hahaha. We’ve been together for a few months now. He’s my soulmate. My life supporter. I love him.” She mentioned that she and her partner will be traveling for a well-deserved break. She says that 2023 has been an incredible year for her, with a new shoe collection with Steve Madden, hosting an awards show in Kigali, and being on the cover of Glamour.

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