Are the Fergusons encouraging Gender-based violence?

The power couple have re-hired: Peter Mashigo and the public’s reaction is not looking good. Twitter is currently on fire and hugely successful film and media couple Connie and Shona Ferguson are being burnt.

Connie Ferguson

It all started this week when it was announced that Ferguson Films had hired actor Peter Mashigo to star in The Queen despite Mashigo’s history of violence against women when he was filmed beating a woman in Pretoria.

Peter Mashigo

Given South Africa’s horrifically long relationship with all manner of violence against women and young girls, the Fergusons’ decision has not been well-received by the public – and celebrities are also expressing their disappointment.

Local actress Rami Chuene was among the first to voice her disbelief at the Mashigo being cast by the Fergusons.

Connie and Shona Ferguson

The Fergusons have not had a good year when it comes to publicity, having recently been paraded in the news for the mistreatment and staff dismissals


Now, added to that debacle is this new and rapidly growing negative public opinion of the couple for hiring Mashigo.

Comments in reaction to Chuene give an idea of how people feel.
Meanwhile, the Fergusons have yet to comment and Mashigo’s agent told the media that the actor had learnt from his past and: “There are people using his name to settle old scores and possibly get him fired.

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Source: The Citizen

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