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Dozens of pupils at Gauteng school told they have to repeat Grade 11

Fifty-three pupils at Emshukantambo Secondary School were at the end of January told they will have to repeat Grade 11. This is after the students received their fourth term December reports stating they have been promoted to Grade 12 in 2020.

Commotion erupted on Friday morning when parents went to the school to get answers. One of the students became hysterical and was sent to the hospital after she fainted.

Nomhle Letsoalo, a frustrated parent said: “When this issue first arose at the end of January we were told the students were condoned on 3 categories: If a learner needed one marked, if they had potential or if they have repeated a grade numerous times. We were then asked to return the reports as some learners had faked their reports, little did we know that this was their way to cover their tracks. We were given new reports, however, this report showed that my son failed 2 subjects whereas on the one we gave back to the school it was 1.”

The school referred the parents to address the matter with the district they have been promised that the district will meet with them on Monday at 3 pm.

Zamokuhle Ndlovu, the sister of a learner at the school, said: “This matter needs to be resolved quickly. My brother is threatening to drop out and another learner is in hospital on overdose. We had a meeting with the IDSO and Head of Curriculum but a conclusion has not been met.”

Steve Mabona, the spokesperson for the Gauteng Department of Education, said the department will investigate the matter.

In other news – Angry Designer calls Zahara a Devil

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Source: The Star

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