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Watch: A recap of what happened on #GameOfThrones this week

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Well, here we are.

After eight years; 67 episodes; countless deaths – actually, make that 2,339 deaths; approximately that many fan theories and predictions; and enough content to keep the entire Internet full, we’ve made it to the home stretch.

These are the last six Sunday nights we get to spend with “Game of Thrones” and like the Unsullied marching toward Winterfell, we have a lot of ground to cover.

So let’s take inspiration from both the straightforward fact-recitation style of Samwell Tarly and the sarcastic quip style of Euron Greyjoy and look back at the episode titled, simply, “Winterfell.”

We didn’t actually see any White Walkers in this episode, but we did see their handiwork.

Tormund, Beric and their exploring crew run into Lord Commander Eddison and his exploring crew and find what they believe to be a message from the Night King – poor little Lord Umber, very dead and left in some sort of pinwheel of arms.

And the redemption of Theon Greyjoy continues as he and a small extraction team are able to rescue Yara Greyjoy from under Uncle Euron.

Upon untying her hands, Yara brutally headbutts Theon since it was his abandonment of her that helped get to this point, but then they reconcile. She seems to be headed back to the Iron Islands to reclaim their home; he seems to be off to Winterfell to help with the battle there.

Watch the video to see what else you may have missed:

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