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French coffin industry working overtime as COVID-19 deaths surge


It’s a grim truth that times are good for the coffin business when they’re bad for people, and the coronavirus pandemic is no exception. At a factory belonging to Europe’s largest coffin maker, OGF, in eastern France, workers are doing overtime to meet demand from families parting with their loved ones.

“Due to the epidemic, we decided to manufacture just four models of coffins that are top sellers with families” compared to the 15 types usually on offer, said factory director Emmanuel Garret.

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The change “allowed us to optimise production”, he added. Output has risen to 410 coffins per day, compared to 370 normally. Workers are putting in nearly an extra hour per day. People have been forewarned and are ready to come in and work on Saturdays,” said Didier Pidancet, who heads up the team that selects the wood for the coffins.

France has been one of the countries worst hit by the coronavirus. We’re proud to be participating in this national effort, we’re doing our best to ensure that victims can have their final overcoat, as we say,” added Pidancet.

Like many other French companies, the factory has had difficulty obtaining protective gear for all of its employees. It had a local seamstress make masks for employees and work stations are disinfected regularly.

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Bheki Cele

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