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Four dead, two critical in N1 horror crash

N1 Horror Crash

Four dead, two critical in the N1 horror crash. At 08H19 Sunday morning, Netcare 911 responded to reports of a serious collision on the N1 direction Johannesburg between the Grasmere Toll Plaza and the N12.

N1 Horror Crash

Reports from the scene indicate that multiple vehicles, including trucks, cars, mini-bus taxis, bakkies and a bus were involved in a collision.

N1 Horror Crash

Paramedics assessed the scene and found that four patients had sustained fatal injuries, two others sustained critical injuries and approximately 20 other patients who had sustained injuries ranging from minor to moderate were transported by various ambulance services to hospital for further treatment.

N1 Horror Crash

Motorists on the scene believe the collision might have occurred due to bad visibility from either smoke or mist. All the necessary authorities are on the scene.

N1 Horror Crash

Source: Shawn Herbst – Media Liaison Officer – Netcare Limited – Netcare 911

In Other News – Female Cop with Leaked S.E.X Pictures is in Hospital after suicide attempt

The female cop whose poking photographs went viral on social media is in hospital. It appears she tried to commit suicide by drinking poison.

The photographs, which were posted on Monday, angered many people. A cop told Daily Sun the man who did this deserved to be punished.

Cop sex tape

“He destroyed a family and also shamed our uniform. I hear the woman tried to commit suicide by drinking poison after the photos were leaked. We will deal with the person behind the ordeal.” read more